Q: What are the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards?

A: The mission of the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards is to create synergy on an integrated platform supported by the Government, industry partners, entrepreneurs and media to promote mutual growth, networking opportunities and collaboration within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. This prestigious event is organised by Yayasan Usahawan Malaysia (MyPreneurship), is verified by an esteemed Advisory Board and supported by Government agencies, industry organisations and media including our official Business Newspaper, Malaysia SME.

Q: When were the awards first organised?

A: It was first organised in 2016 but preparation for the awards commenced in 2014 as award components, Government endorsement and Advisory Board affiliations needed to be prior arranged.

Q: Who are the recipients?

A: The awards are in honour of both individual and corporate achievements. Categories are available for both Entrepreneur and Company categories. For more information, please refer to the website for the list of awardees who include entrepreneurship purveyors such as Tan Sri Tony Fernandez, Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, Patrick Grove, Vishen Lakhiani and corporations such as Pointray Sdn Bhd, Asia Poly Industrial Sdn Bhd, Life Juice Revolution Sdn Bhd and more.

Q: What is the judging criteria?

A: From the submission of documents to the site audit to the post-audit evaluation and assessment, nominees are judged based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria as listed in the website. Nominees will be evaluated for information accuracy and correctness, as well as based on corporate performance and market potential. There will be a site audit comprising an interview session with the founders and/or core management team as well as purview of the operations premises.

Q: Who are the judges?

A: The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award is mandated by the Advisory Board and Official Auditor, pooling together individuals renowned for their business acumen and authority in their respective fields, both from the public and private sectors.

Q: Can I be a sponsor?

Sponsorship of the awards is by invitation only. Please contact the Awards Committee if you feel that your company’s branding is aligned to the awards. We will conduct preliminary evaluation prior to the sponsorship discussion meeting.

Q: What are the benefits of winning the award?

As a recipient of the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards, you will have the opportunity to be recognized for your personal or your company’s achievements. Winning the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards:

accords respect and recognition from governments, industry peers and customer
differentiates awardees from the competition as endorsement of calibre and performance
builds authoritative industry branding
creates growth opportunities as more doors will open for companies endorsed with a credible award like the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards
fosters customer confidence to be associated with award-winning companies
promotes employee pride
shapes positive community awareness of corporate game-changers

Q: What do winners receive?

A: Winners will be awarded depending on deserving categories decided by the Panel of Judges and receive the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards trophy and award certificate. They will also be admitted into an elite league comprising other winners and industry leaders for networking and collaboration opportunities through events and supporting activities all year long.

Q: Who can be nominated?

A: All nominations need to be prequalified. If you feel that your company is deserving of the award, kindly contact the Award Committee to determine if the pre-qualification process applies to your company. If you feel that an individual or company is deserving, you may also recommend the name to the Award Committee.

Q: Can any company submit nomination?

All nominees must be legally incorporated for at least one year and fulfil other criteria listed in the nomination form. Please contact the Award Committee for elaboration. Nominations are not allowed for public-listed companies.

Q: Can foreigners be nominated?

A: The awards are only open to Malaysians and companies registered in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 (revised 1973, 2007, 2016).

Q: When is the nomination closing date?

A: Depending on category of award, there are different closing dates. Please refer to the Award Committee for updates.

Q: Are there entry fees?

A: The nomination fee is RM300. There may be waiver for special categories i.e. New Startup Category. The Award Committee will be able to analyse your category upon consultation.

Q: Can entry fees be waived or reduced for non-profit and government organizations?

A: Non-profit and government organizations may request that their entry fees be reduced or waived. Organizers will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to waive or reduce entrants’ fees.

Q: Are entry forms kept confidential?

A: Yes. The Award Committee will ensure that only the Panel of Judges and Official Auditor will review entries for judging. Information about nominees are protected and not for public disclosure without prior approval of nominees.

Q: What will it cost to attend the awards dinner?

A: For ticket pricing and arrangements, kindly contact the Award Committee.

Q: How many winners will there be?

A: There is no set number as awards are only for deserving nominees. There may be some categories that do not have winners if nominees do not meet the awards criteria.